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Thursday, December 31, 2009

20 Excellent Facebook Scripts and Resources by Noupe

Networking has certainly grown in importance in our daily lives. The interaction of light with friends or to communicate with client companies worldwide, socialization is an integral part of our personal and professional relationships. Facebook has got the most buzz in recent years, allowing members to easily stay in touch with friends, family members and business associates.

Add friends, send messages, chat, joining the causes and networks your business or workplace, you can do it here. Here we will introduce you to 20 scripts which are typical for the Facebook user experience. Designers and Web developers who want to integrate Facebook-like features into their websites and applications are particularly spoiled.

1. Post-To-Wall Application Using jQuery and PHP

A lot of information is made available on Facebook’s wall message board, including message content, users, senders, comments, dates, times and other relevant details. Though this may seem like complicated work, this tutorial by Antonio of makes it easy for you to implement a similar post-to-wall feature on your own website. Use the few lines of Javascript and PHP code from the tutorial and watch your website flourish like never before. To make it easy for beginners, the tutorial deals with only one piece of information on the wall: the message content.

2. Lightbox

A lot of lightboxes are out there, but why not make the perfect one, like the one on Facebook? This great lightbox script was created by famspam. Writing code for even routine tasks can be cumbersome. But with the simplicity of JQuery, you can have a lightweight Facebook-style lightbox for your website. Capable of displaying DIVs, images and even entire remote pages, the lightbox creates pop-ups that are visually appealing and easy to use. You can get started here.

3. Auto-Suggest Search With jQuery

Automatically suggesting potential search results based on just a few letters entered by the user, this Facebook-style auto-suggest search engine is a true time- and effort-saver for users and enhances their experience of the website. For example, typing the letters “Fra” could bring up “France” or the user’s friend “Frank” as suggestions. This stylish search engine makes use of BSN Autosuggest libs and employs jQuery for the AJAX framework.

* AJAX and auto-suggest support;
* Renders support for search plug-ins;
* Provides support across different browsers (Firefox, IE 5.5 and above, Opera, Safari);
* Supports cache.

4. Modal Box Using MooTools

Stylish, lightweight and subtle, Facebook’s modal box is the best and most coveted of all current modal boxes. This JavaScript creates modal dialogues and wizards — i.e. dialogue sequences — without resorting to conventional page reloads and pop-ups. These are also sometimes used to display large versions of small images. The tutorial here takes the CSS and imagery from Facebook and combines it with the amazing functionality of MooTools in order to create the Facebook effect.

5. Elastic Plug-In

A major hit on Facebook, this jQuery plug-in is now counted among the most functional UI effects on the Internet. This elastic plug-in automatically shrinks or expands text areas according to the amount of text inputted by the user. The weight of this plug-in is what gives it its edge over competitors. Now, you can recreate this impressive Facebook-style effect of an elastic text area by simply following this tutorial.

6.Tipsy Plug-In

Wondering how to make a relevant tooltip pop up as users move their cursor over the title attribute of an anchored tag? Facebook provides inspiration for this jQuery plug-in, and you can implement this cool tipsy plug-in on your own website now. Aside from being a neat trick, the plug-in is easy to configure and lightweight. Read the tutorial to learn how to incorporate the Tipsy plug-in on your website.

7. Activity Stream

This innovative plug-in for Movable Type 4.1 allows you to share, control and aggregate all of your activities around the Internet, along with several of your profiles from different services. The plug-in emulates the Facebook streams that adorn your wall. So, if you have a Movable Type blog and wish to exercise complete control of your activities on the ‘net, including showing or hiding certain activities, this tutorial on Facebook-like activity streams is sure to be a great help. To keep you from being locks in to any particular service, this plug-in can also publish your stream with the hAtom microformat and Atom.

8. Icons

Chatting with friends online is fun, but words are sometimes not enough to convey our feelings. Icons come in handy because they’re a cute, simple way to express emotion. Of course, saying “I love you” has a powerful effect, but an icon of a little heart pumping is so much more stylish. Facebook icons are a hit among users, and you can download 28 of them here, for free. They are available in SVG and high-resolution PNG format.

9. Sliders Using CSS And MooTools

Website developers are constantly looking out for great ideas with which to enhance their websites. The slider controls on Facebook have caught the eye of many professionals. To implement similar-looking sliders for your project, read the tutorial here. It explains how to create them and how to control the height, width and opacity of images. The credit for this easy three-slider tutorial goes to David Walsh, a successful Web developer in his own right.

10. JBolo

Having to switch between two websites every few seconds — or even few minutes — can be annoying: for example, to chat with a friend on Gmail and browse photos on Facebook. With that in mind, Facebook took social networking to the next level when it integrated chat functionality. And now you can integrate a similar feature on your Joomla website using this tutorial. The distinctive name of this application is taken from the Hindi word “bolo,” which means to talk. So, get to work and let your visitors start talking!

11. Boxy

Styled like the dialogue box on Facebook, this flexible box supports size tweening and dragging. What distinguishes Boxy from several other overlays is the availability of an object interface to control dialogues after creating them. To make usage even simpler, it also provides you with a jQuery plugin that allows you to include forms and links automatically, along with the “Ask helper” to present the user with an array of choices.

12. Gmail- And Facebook-Style jQuery Chat

Everyone loves Facebook’s chat module. And this jQuery module lets you seamlessly integrate Gmail- and Facebook-style chat into your website. This chat script has many features, such as keeping chat boxes open and preserving a box’s state (and data) even when the page has been refreshed, just like on Facebook. Also, this chat is extremely simple to integrate.

13. Alert Confirmation Box Using CSS And jQuery

It happens often enough that while performing a particular action, we lose focus and mess up the task. Alert confirmation boxes can be a great help here. In asking for your confirmation of an action, the box makes you think through your request before finalizing it. For instance, to remove a friend from your friend’s list on Facebook, you need to click on the “X” button, which brings up an alert confirmation box asking you, “Are you sure you want to delete so-and-so from your list?” You are given the option of “Yes” or “No,” which finalizes the action. Alert boxes can help visitors to your website complete important actions, such as deleting items from a shopping cart. This tutorial shows you how to make an alert confirmation box like the one seen on Facebook.

14. AJAX Pagination Using jQuery

Designing Facebook-style pagination to break up a long list of search results into several pages is no longer a difficult task. Though page numbers are not displayed at the top of Facebook, you are given the option at the end of the page to see more results. To create a similarly subtle yet helpful feature on your website, go through the tutorial here.

15. Cometchat

This is the best script for inline chat similar to the kind seen on Facebook. Get the script to give your visitors a chat environment to interact in while they browse your website. They can also update their status, like “Available,” “Busy,” etc. Facebook-style AJAXification ensures the feature does not reload every time a visitor clicks to another page. Hash URLs and notifications in the footer are some of the other features integrated in Cometchat.

16. Image Cropping

The crop tool hides unseemly parts of a photograph and brings focus to the subject. Facebook introduced such a tool that members can easily use before uploading and sharing their pictures. To achieve this nifty combination of Javascript and PHP, check out this amazing tutorial.

17. Input Box

Integrated with the auto-complete function, the input box on Facebook allows you to search for and send messages to your friends. To include a flexible Facebook-inspired input box for your website, just grab this MooTools 1.2-compatible script and get started.

18. Chat Room And Instant Messenger

Does the instant messenger and chat room on Facebook make you green with envy? Give your website the same with this Joomla module. Visitors can sign in to the messenger with their Facebook ID and password and use their friends list from Facebook. It really is as simple as that.

19. vBStatus (Status Display)

Isn’t it great that you can share what’s on your mind with all your friends in an instant, and vice versa. These status updates are one of the main features of Facebook. And below them is room for your friends’ comments and a option to “Like” your status. This feature is referred to as “vBStatus,” and you can include the same on your website by downloading it here. Users will have the flexibility to quickly change their status whenever they want using AJAX.

20. Facebox

Facebox is lightbox script that gives you the look of Facebook pop-up message windows. It can contain images, Flash movies, HTML and more. Facebox is a MooTools alternative to the original Facebox jQuery script.

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Friday, December 25, 2009

Facebook Layout, Facebook Expressions Tools

1. Pagerage
The latest news, blogs and Facebook layout updates from PageRage - The first and only virtual layering application that allows you to add layouts for Facebook profiles.
(You must install addon - req: IE and Firefox...sorry Safari :) Your friend can look your facebook layout if they use it)

2. Fbexpressions
Facebook Expressions - Getting Started
We have a wide variety of expressions for you to choose from and will be adding more and more as we design them so keep checking back to see what our talented designers are coming up with. To get started select from an Expression Category to the Left.

3. Mint Profile
Welcome to Mint Profile, we have thousands of free graphics for you to insert straight into your Facebook. Facebook have quite restricted controls over exactly what can be placed into your profile page - the tools here have been tested and are fully functional in Facebook.

4. Layoutcodez
A theme is a graphic on your facebook profile, you can move it around and put it where ever you want.

Web Design Building Tutorial Resource Link

1. Press Feed
Covering the Definition of RSS Feeds and All the Basics You Need to Know to Get Started

2. Nettuts+

Web development tutorials, from beginner to advanced.
Online Web Tutorial -Full Web Building Tutorial and all FREE!
4. Javascript KIT
Your comprehensive JavaScript, DHTML, CSS, and Ajax stop
5. Video-Tutes
The free tutorial video's cover a wide range of industry standard software such as Photoshop cs2 & 3, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Flash 8 and Flash 8 video, Adobe Premiere pro and more, 22 titles in fact! All presented in a free video tutorial format.

What's your choice about Web Design in 2009?

You can polling about all web design in 2009, coz we will party now.
Happy New Year, Welcome 2010..
1. Web design trends for 2009
This article covers only 10 of the over 25 trends we’ve identified over the last months. The second part will be published next week. We’ll cover new layouts, new visual approaches and new design elements.

2. Readers' Choice Awards: Web Design 2009 Winners
There were a lot of great sites nominated in 9 categories to the Readers' Choice Web Design Awards this year. But only one site can win in each category. Congratulations to all the nominees!

3. Web Design Inspiration: 40+ Impressive Single Page Websites
It’s so Interesting to see what designers can do with single pages, and sometimes a single page site delivers more info ever need than a multi page site. Single-page design works if you don’t have much content, some designers use tabs, accordion scripts to give more information in a single page, Portfolio sites are perfect examples for single page sites, it allows visitors to see you content easily, for non portfolio sites still it will make sense depends on the needs

4. The-Best-in-Web-Design-from-March-2009-Top-20
These sites are the Top 20 from our Web Design Gallery (Inspirational Design Styles) for March 2009, as voted by the readers and followers of this site.
The Top 20 is calculated firstly by vote score, and in the event of a tie, by the number of times the sites link was clicked (nothing complicated there, then).
There are a few surprises, I expected the typography and minimal sites to have performed better, and my own personal favorite, CreativeDepart, only came in at number 20.

How to create accessible content from Adobe

Adobe AcrobatImage via Wikipedia
Whether you want to learn how to access electronic information more effectively or how to create accessible content, Adobe offers a variety of learning resources. From standalone training courses that provide step-by-step instructions and online videos where accessible authoring techniques are demonstrated, to classes offered by third parties, you can find the resource that's right for you.

PDF and WCAG 2.0 webinar
This recorded session explains how PDF files conform to the WCAG 2.0 web accessibility standard. This tutorial is a recording from an Adobe Acrobat® Connect™ Pro session.

PDF Accessibility and WCAG 2.0 webinar
Get tutorial and choose your type file here

And get another resource from adobe like :
Case studies
Best practices
Accessibility blog
White papers
Additional resources
Information for users with disabilities

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could you help me rectify it?
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1. Login to New Blogger with your Google account.
2. On your Dashboard choose blog you want to edit, Click on Layout, you’ll go direct to Template tab where blog you want to Edit.
3. Choose the Template tab of your blog then click on Edit HTML.
4. Next scroll down to the end of your page and choose Revert to Classic Template.
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