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Friday, December 25, 2009

Facebook Layout, Facebook Expressions Tools

1. Pagerage
The latest news, blogs and Facebook layout updates from PageRage - The first and only virtual layering application that allows you to add layouts for Facebook profiles.
(You must install addon - req: IE and Firefox...sorry Safari :) Your friend can look your facebook layout if they use it)

2. Fbexpressions
Facebook Expressions - Getting Started
We have a wide variety of expressions for you to choose from and will be adding more and more as we design them so keep checking back to see what our talented designers are coming up with. To get started select from an Expression Category to the Left.

3. Mint Profile
Welcome to Mint Profile, we have thousands of free graphics for you to insert straight into your Facebook. Facebook have quite restricted controls over exactly what can be placed into your profile page - the tools here have been tested and are fully functional in Facebook.

4. Layoutcodez
A theme is a graphic on your facebook profile, you can move it around and put it where ever you want.


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