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Friday, February 26, 2010

Premium Template for Your Business

DreamTemplate is a premium template subscription provider with over 1800 professionally designed templates available for members. DreamTemplate serve Website Templates, Flash Templates, Office Templates, Word Templates, Powerpoint Templates, Corporate Identity packages and logo designs.

Every month, we're adding over a hundred new designs. Unlike most template sites that charge per template, DreamTemplate works differently. We charge a one-time fee and then give members full download access to our premium template collection. Now, here's your chance to refer one of the largest Internet template membership sites. Our site is unique and our templates are affordable and designed extremely well! Start earning great conversion rates.

Premium Web Templates - Click Here!

Buy Logo with Guaranteed or your money back!

Logo design is a multi billion dollar world wide business. Every company, business, sports team, church, website, shop, group, etc etc etc needs a professional logo design. Hundreds of thousands of new businesses and websites are started daily around the world. The Logo Company is a major player in the online market for logo design and corporate identity branding. We have been designing quality custom logo design on the net since 2000.
The Logo Company has provided unique logo design to literally thousands of clients in this short space of time. We run our world-class logo design service as a loss leader and that means our price is very low compared to the true market value for this service. Our standard price for a logo design is just $149. When you consider that the true market price starts at around $300 upwards you can see why our logo design service sells so well.
The Logo Company run this service at a loss because we want the maximum amount of client exposure and the opportunity to "up sell" our other design services to clients at a later date. This works very well and allows us to make long standing, profitable client relationships. They conversion rate from initial visitor to confirmed sale is way above the industry standard.

Here are some of the best reasons to get your company logo design from The Logo Company.

* A fraction of the market price. Cheap logo design now means quality.
* Arguably the best logo designers portfolio on the net.
* Unbeatable high quality design.
* Thousands of satisfied clients under our belt with many more to come (take a look at our verified client testimonials).
* Nothing to lose. Your satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back!

Get your logo here:
logo design

Get discount by an award-winning design firm with Fortune 500 clients including: Hewlett Packard, Mitsubishi & Caterpillar is the leading online provider of DIY logos and matching design products to organizations nationwide. Virtually unlimited LogoYes market opportunities include more than 25 million businesses and startups in North America, while many of’s 40,000+ DIY logo customers also come from Europe and the Pacific Rim.

It is fun and easy to design and download a professional logo for free. Save $20 on the complete logo kit to enhance your brand image with LogoYes, use coupon code: AFFILIATE

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Get 100 free business cards when you try our Award-winning Biz Card Maker!
Easy, Affordable DIY Logo Design

Increase Sales to your website with

RiaEnjolie websites are designed for high impact. Combining spectacular professional designs and search-engine-friendly, industry-specific content, these websites include features small business owners need and want to help attract customers and build business.

Additionally, RiaEnjolie does all the work. We take away the anxiety of building and updating a website. This can save a business thousands of dollars a year! To get on the road to Internet success with a RiaEnjolie website, just select a design, choose and personalize a package and place an order. A personal webmaster then gets in touch to discuss every detail of a business’s online presence.

Discount Coupon From Logo Design Guru

With over 20,000 original logos, them logo designers are wizards in capturing your target audience with extensive logo design portfolio includes scores of logo design samples.

Logo Design Guru is a company of skillful and experienced staff giving an exceptionally competent service. It is a multiple award winning company, committed to excellence and versatility. Other than logo designing, the company offers web development, graphic design, printing and hosting services. Unlike other local agencies packages at LDG begin with a price range as low as $ 99.

Logo Design Guru Advantages :

  1. The Internet is exploding with burgeoning companies, all vying for that killer logo design. Your image matters. Your logo speaks volumes. Your corporate identity has just a few seconds to impress prospects with your brand.

Increase Your Small/Medium Business Site’s with Linkmanager


Manage web links or a web directory with editor based link exchange management software. Link with relevant like minded sites to increase traffic.

You put a link on your site, and I'll put your link on mine. But who actually did know how time consuming can add, edit and control all valuable, to promote the connection of traffic. Because people tend to be forgetful, partner of reciprocity remind themselves express the intention to actually set up a link to your site can become a nightmare for him. Furthermore, links may break sooner or later, and it was really fun not having to monitor hundreds or even thousands of them on a regular basis.

Ok, so there are a lot of software (both free and commercial), around the handle shipping, registration and management of a bond of reciprocity. But even this has a price: the installation and configuration, testing and updates to walk blithely undermine the resources and time. And not everyone feels comfortable with the implementation of a web server program.

Advantages of using Links Manager:

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Learn about color scheme for your's web design's business

A set of colors that complement each other is called a color scheme. They simply
look good together and probably contain one of the magic four colors. A
couple of tools on the web can help you match colors.
■ Colorcombos (
This website is all about creating color combinations for the web . You can use it to pick existing color combinations, test combinations, and browse their color combination library.

Looking Design Ideas when You Can’t Make a Website That Looks That Good!

When you find a site that is well designed, you should bookmark it so that when you beginning a new design you can review it to get ideas for your own site.
You also look at the winners of design awards and web designers’ sites. Because these
sites are well designed, you can learn a lot from them.
Here are a few to consider:

Organizing the Pages for your SEO

In the same way as the site, I begin organizing each web page with a handdrawn template. I keep it as simple and generic as possible so I can then make each page look like a unified page in a website.
This is the method I use:

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Free Valentine Icon, template, card and tutorial for your business

image by :
DryIcons is wishing you a lovable Valentine's Day filled with candy, wine and music. These icons were designed to fit the romantic feel of the holiday.
The "Valentine Love" free icon set comes with 12 high quality web icons in 32-bit transparency PNG and 32x32px, 48x48px and 128x128px size.

February is about love and renewal, so don't hesitate to let the breeze in, and may your heart be always full of love.
Make Valentine Cards Using PSD Templates and Tutorials.


How to start a Web Design Business?

Business Website Design was able to generate a lucrative income. Web site or blog-producing design dollar could be a source of unlimited income, increased acquisition graph. As a major capital or initial step to start a business website design, used to have to master the art of website design and html language acquisition programming language aliases.

Thanks to the rapid development of Internet business world and the ease of getting free software (pirated?), The easier it is just starting this web design business. All can be started with the all learning facilities free alias free.

The progress of the internet makes world is growing rapidly in the field of technology Information. It is seen from the user's own Internet increases every year.

Owner blogs and websites dollar also increased in Indonesia, but also supported by a community blog itself or the product range is not limited by space and time. This increase is making a business opportunity that can be used as a money printing machine.

Yup, we can sell website design services or the popular blogs according to customer orders (the client).

This simple analysis, web design business started:

Website Design with SEO Friendly

First of course we should have a website first, then we can begin to make him loved by search engines, SEO Friendly cool term. Once your website can be accessed, we'll start talking about how the CONTENT of your website can be arranged to be in the eye Search Engine Optimation or SEO ready. In order for you to be  SEO's hero course. In Step Two Lamanite you have learned SEO chosen domain names that match your topic. Please read again if necessary.
Thus, the design content of this website is the third step sebenanya SEO activities. It is true that the most important is our website informative and interesting for humans. But when we talk about the sense of search engines is not a beautiful picture or color pernuh website that will win, but the website meets the following criteria:
In essence, design a SEO friendly website is as follows:

Starting a Business Website

Social Networking Icons added to my business w...Image by adria.richards via Flickr

Starting a business website is not something easy. Choice of more and more and more and technologies available in the market even more confusing. The decision taken to launch the website can differentiate between success and failure of your business.
Here are some basic ideas that are often not understandable for business people who want to start a website for his business:

1. Do not know where to start
2. Do not know the options available.

Web Design for Search Engine Optimize (SEO)

1. Use a search engine optimized template.
Using a great template makes your life easier because all your pages will have the same lay-out which makes adding and updating websites a breeze. Templates will save you tons of time maintaining your websites.

2. Use Meta Tags.
I know, the keyword meta tag isn’t that important any more. But the Title tag IS! In fact, it’s the most important meta tag and so many websites don’t use it. Search engines use the title tag to see what your page is all about and list it in their result pages.

Also, they use your description tag as added information. It’s a great way to entice searchers to click on your webpage when they find it.

Business Web Design by WordPress Themes

Web design business is very, very promising, because the demand will create a website very high. Website a marketing tool for companies as well as a place for the transaction. Especially in developing countries have a website was the pride and help the company entered into a free market without limit, so that they can offer goods and services openly.
A lot of people who want to enter the web design business but eventually gave up because this business requires that we have the technical capability and high art. Technically very simple website creation, but will be complicated when the client asked for the latest facilities. Its complexity is at the moment to update the parts that they want to change. So you have to understand a lot of skills to succeed in this business such as HTML, Web Authoring such as FrontPage or Dreamweaver, aesthetic design, knowledge about fonts, coloring and more.
Create your above limitations, there is an easy way to have a web design business, ie you are joining a club that provides various web services themes. As a first step you can use WordPress, WordPress blog is a program that initially was personal, and finally in the last 2 years, many large companies use WordPress as the basis of their corporate website. Why WordPress?