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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Starting a Business Website

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Starting a business website is not something easy. Choice of more and more and more and technologies available in the market even more confusing. The decision taken to launch the website can differentiate between success and failure of your business.
Here are some basic ideas that are often not understandable for business people who want to start a website for his business:

1. Do not know where to start
2. Do not know the options available.

3. Do not know the technical language of the internet.
4. It seems no one wants to explain all these problems.

So, how you should start your business website?
The answer: you should first understand what the website can do for a business. Most of the people I met still have the view that the website is a Free Brochure. Unfortunately, the good times have gone online brochure.
Business era now, the website can:

  1. Sell products or services to markets worldwide.
  2. Providing the media to communicate with consumers more natural than just talking through the brochure.
  3. To facilitate the work process, transaction and operating cost savings for you and your customers.
  4. Help you build a reputation.
  5. Provides store, display or office that is open 24 hours.

Once you know the website's ability, so what's next?
The first and most fundamental is that you must determine your website goals. Objectives that can mendeterminasi you to start your website. For example: what results you want from your website? Selling a product? Provide information? Newsletter subscribers receive?

The purpose of is to get new clients.
Of course, the purpose of your website is the extension of your business goals. And, your business goals is not to make money. Money is a side effect if you make the right business practices. Consumers do not care if you make money. What they think is their own needs.

After finding the goal, then the second step is who will be the visitors to your website. The key: NOT EVERYONE IN THIS WORLD. When you know who markets your goal, then you must create content that match their needs. If your competitors have a website flash and all sorts of fancy bling-bling, while the website you have something your market needs. Now guess. Who will win in the end of the day?
So, the conclusion is, you have to integrate Business Goals with Consumers Desire. Focus and immediately started up your business website.


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