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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Website Design with SEO Friendly

First of course we should have a website first, then we can begin to make him loved by search engines, SEO Friendly cool term. Once your website can be accessed, we'll start talking about how the CONTENT of your website can be arranged to be in the eye Search Engine Optimation or SEO ready. In order for you to be  SEO's hero course. In Step Two Lamanite you have learned SEO chosen domain names that match your topic. Please read again if necessary.
Thus, the design content of this website is the third step sebenanya SEO activities. It is true that the most important is our website informative and interesting for humans. But when we talk about the sense of search engines is not a beautiful picture or color pernuh website that will win, but the website meets the following criteria:
In essence, design a SEO friendly website is as follows:

1. Title proper election, according to the theme of your website, also for every article you write.
2. The selection of appropriate keywords that you target
3. Loading of a good description and content associated with the title and keyword
4. Writing articles that developed from the title, description and keywords contained in it are proportional
5. Navigation page is good, so that all the information on your website pages can be reached.
6. Avoid duplicate content 

As for the human needs that will be purchased from your website are:

   1. Your website is interesting for people who read
   2. Websites that meet criteria that the business offers powerful, sensational and very believable. 

Thus, the third step to be a tiger this SEO, Content Design focuses on your Web site, the SEO world is known as On-Page SEO or activities to optimize your website in search engines optima FROM INSIDE.


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