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Friday, February 26, 2010

Increase Your Small/Medium Business Site’s with Linkmanager


Manage web links or a web directory with editor based link exchange management software. Link with relevant like minded sites to increase traffic.

You put a link on your site, and I'll put your link on mine. But who actually did know how time consuming can add, edit and control all valuable, to promote the connection of traffic. Because people tend to be forgetful, partner of reciprocity remind themselves express the intention to actually set up a link to your site can become a nightmare for him. Furthermore, links may break sooner or later, and it was really fun not having to monitor hundreds or even thousands of them on a regular basis.

Ok, so there are a lot of software (both free and commercial), around the handle shipping, registration and management of a bond of reciprocity. But even this has a price: the installation and configuration, testing and updates to walk blithely undermine the resources and time. And not everyone feels comfortable with the implementation of a web server program.

Advantages of using Links Manager:

1. Quick to set up.
Unlike buying your own links management software link Arelis, it is very quick to set up your links page and have professional fully integrated directory or links page in under an hour of signing up.

2. Easy to find suitable websites to link to.

This is one of the great attributes of Links Manager You can search for suitable websites using a number of methods. By keyword/s, by category or by recent additions.

3. Easy to set up links, send link requests and manage incoming links.

Just like the cosmetic controls that help you customise the Links Manager directory page with the rest of your website, you can customise the emails that you send out to other websites that you wish to exchange links with.

4. Easy to manage your links/ directory page.

As we all know websites come and go. The last thing that you want is to have a load of links on your website that are dead. This not only frustrates your customers as they use your links page, it also means that you are not getting back links from these redundant websites.

Look here : LinksManager


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