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Sunday, February 7, 2010

How to start a Web Design Business?

Business Website Design was able to generate a lucrative income. Web site or blog-producing design dollar could be a source of unlimited income, increased acquisition graph. As a major capital or initial step to start a business website design, used to have to master the art of website design and html language acquisition programming language aliases.

Thanks to the rapid development of Internet business world and the ease of getting free software (pirated?), The easier it is just starting this web design business. All can be started with the all learning facilities free alias free.

The progress of the internet makes world is growing rapidly in the field of technology Information. It is seen from the user's own Internet increases every year.

Owner blogs and websites dollar also increased in Indonesia, but also supported by a community blog itself or the product range is not limited by space and time. This increase is making a business opportunity that can be used as a money printing machine.

Yup, we can sell website design services or the popular blogs according to customer orders (the client).

This simple analysis, web design business started:

Business Overview

Web designers create the desired design by the client in accordance with the aesthetics of web design and basic design.

Skill required

Design capabilities and a touch of art, but it also needs the technical ability to use design processing software such as photoshop, fireworks, coreldraw, or other image processing. HTML and CSS capabilities into the next skill that must-have.

Initial Cost (Capital)

You could say USD. 0, - because it takes only the skill ability especially when we already have the computer graphics and image processing programs.

Marketing Strategy

  1. Portfolio, this is the initial communication with the client. By looking at the work we've produced a consideration of the client to view and contact us.
  2. Testimonials from previous AJAX, so there is support from your clients
  3. Come with community / forums about web design, in addition to increasing your network also adds knowledge. but it can also as a place of shared project.
  4. Sign up on the web that provides online project.
  5. Flavor serve, the most important thing because when he was serving client so price is not everything.


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