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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Professor Teaches How to Create Web Pages 2.0 Product Description
Professor Teaches How to Create Web Pages is a complete multimedia training program for anyone who wants to create his or her own Web page and Web site. Five separate tutorials on five CD-ROMs teach you Web design, HTML, and how to use two of the most popular development tools, FrontPage and Dreamweaver. Each program offers hundreds of practical tips and techniques designed to get you up to speed on the essential skills for creating Web pages. Step-by-step how-to instructions make learning easy.

Learn the fundamentals of HTML, such as rules of syntax, using colors, creating hyperlinks, and finding and creating graphics. Then move on to advanced HTML subjects such as creating a login form and an image map, adding fields or audio, and embedding Flash animations. And when you're ready, move on to learning basic and advanced features of FrontPage 2000 and Dreamweaver 3.0. Each CD-ROM contains more than 45 topics.


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