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Friday, April 15, 2011

Joomla Logistic Transportation Template

Joomla Logistic Transportation Template

Joomla Logistic Transportation Template, Web2.0 Inspiration, Black, Rounded Corners, designed to help you quickly set up a successful online transportation company profile, find new customers and establish mutually beneficial partnerships amidst the dynamic global marketplace of goods, services, resources and information. Suitable for any website related to freight forwarding, supply chain logistics management, shipping, moving, importing or exporting goods, the template features a large site-wide banner representing a cargo truck on a transportation mission, topped by a JavaScript-based main menu bar, allowing for fast transfer from one page to another. The site’s contents can be organized within a double-column main area, two neighboring sidebars and several pre-defined sections for posting Latest News, Popular Links, Classified Ads, etc

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