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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Free Blogger Templates 2012: Blogger Store V2

1. SimpleCart.js v2.2.2.

This template still using SimpleCart.js v.2.2.2 by The Wojo Group as ShoppingCart framework.

2. Animated ShoppingCart

Animation effects on shopping cart, at default position it would not be visible and show only the total item and the total price and will be visible if you click on shopping cart menu.

2. Superfish Menu.

3. Automatic Featured Content with jQuery Carousel Fred.

Blogger Store v2.0 using Automatic featured content from jQuery Crausel Fred v.4.5.2, this is automatically work to displaying product by label or recent product also can display from another source, just need a several setting.

4. Grid and List Style post integrated with jQuery Plugin.

This is a greatest one,choose two view style on this template, default is Grid style and will be change to List style if you click switcher button. This feature is integrated with jQuery Cookie Plugin, so the visitor can see style of the last time they visited.

5. Advanced Blogger Template Designer Support

This feature gives you flexibility to customize the background and color of template on Template Designer, so you can get unlimited color and unlimited font for your template, available for :

Body Background Color
Main Text Color
Font Style and Size
Text Link Color
Background Menu Color
Background and border for Shopping Cart Color

This template also have several additional features:

6. Social Bookmark Icon
7. Search Form
8. Ads Space
9. Animated Sponsors Logo
10. Pattern Background.


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