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Friday, January 22, 2010

Do I need a Company logo or not?

You have a company, you must also have the company logo.
What is the importance of a logo of an office or company? Uniqueness or the appearance of a good logo can be a price for your company.

IN 30 seconds, please write a minimum of five logos that you remember the product or you've ever seen (any product). Why do you remember the product logo?

Usually, people recall the logo among others for its unique / interesting, easy to see, or read, and writing forms or easy to remember. What do you think the importance of a company logo? And what to do with Marketing Revolution? In my opinion, the logo among other things easier for us to remember something. Because humans are basically easier to remember images.

Therefore, in general we usually easier to remember someone's face from the given name. So, to do branding, a beverage manufacturer say the company will patent the bottle, shape, and others who can show the uniqueness of a product. No wonder that sometimes people would remember the bottle or the form of its products, but sometimes forget what the name of the product.

Therefore, so that our products more easily remembered by consumers, in addition to form a unique product design, is also necessary forms an attractive logo, easy to read or see, and easy to remember. It is intended that the consumer is not easy either select another product (because of the product form is similar to our products, but a different logo). For example, because samasama bottled water product, the bottle is almost the same form, sometimes people forget what brand or how the product logo.

So, we need to design the logo since the beginning of the calculation has matured among other interesting elements, easy to read or see, and easy to remember. This is also related to the choice of colors, type fonts, and the composition form. If we want to offer a sensational, people will easily remember and buy our products (not be confused with other products). Quite a few companies that designed the logo just because its shape is considered? Beautiful / interesting? alone, but did not consider the factors is easy to see / read and easy diingat.Ketika marketed products, consumers are pretty much forgotten what the name of the product, how its logo.

Probably the first time consumers will buy their products, but since forgotten the brand or logo, in the future they could have been competing to buy the product more memorable logo. It should be noted also, in making the logo, either product or company logo, we must consider the technical factors design. For example, what if the logo is placed on letterhead, envelopes, brochures, or perhaps in some form / other media smaller, eg on business cards, pens, pencils.

Do not forget, consider also whether the logo was clearly visible? Does the design logo can still be maintained in composition (shape, color, and type the letter)? When the logo was too complicated, then applied in a small media, usually the logo to be seen is not clear.

So, we do not often see perusahaanperusahaan / replace the product logo (even with a very high cost) so that its logo for the better (to give a more positive sense), more attractive, easy to see, easy to read, and easy to remember. If you have not already made the logo of a product / your company, consider returning these factors.


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