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Friday, January 1, 2010

Web Designer Template Contest 2010

WebriQ are announcing the extension of the site submission deadline to January 31, 2010.
Although the interest was pretty high, the enrollment was much under our expectation. On the other hand, amongst the sites that have been submitted, there are quite a few excellent sites which gives us the reassurance that the system is powerful and we are happy to see that those who just got shortly acquainted to the system were able to create spectacular sites in a matter of few days. WebriQ are convinced that it is a good idea to extend the submission deadline in order to offer the chance for new contestants to join the race.
WebriQ appreciate the efforts of those who have submitted their sites. WebriQ understand that WebriQ raise the challenge for them by admitting new contestants in to the arena. However, WebriQ are convinced that they will be able to capitalize on their WebriQ experience and continue the race with their current and/or new sites. WebriQ  will open up again their current sites so that they can continue building them and, as a compensation, WebriQ will extend their PRO package with another 12 months.
You can enter the contest only with one of the two Universal Templates:
Universal LITE or Universal PRO.
The contest is looking for original and custom made CSS Template designs based on the Universal Template design of WebriQ.
Beyond the best design, the company will also award the best E-commerce Template design and the Template with the most original and best content.
The contest is open to all interested web designers, web developers, free lance web developers or anyone that has basic or extended knowledge of CSS template design.

Be the Pro's pro. Submit your template and be a Winner.

1. Create a WebriQ Site
2. Download the Template Creator Kit
3. Build and upload Yur Template
4. Submit and WIN


First prize:$ 1,000 + lifetime PLATINUM WebriQ Partner
Second prize:$ 600 + lifetime GOLD WebriQ Partner
Third prize:$ 300 + lifetime SILVER WebriQ Partner
Best E-commerce site:2Years PRO Package
Best Content: 2Years PRO Package
Others in top TEN: 1Year PRO Package

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