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Friday, January 22, 2010

Mini Site Design - You've just landed at the site

Why we need good and simple web design for business ?

It's easier than you think to make a living on the Internet. With billions of dollars spent every year, you're just one step away, from:
  1. Being your own boss
  2. Not having to sit in the traffic for hours to commute
  3. Spending more time with your family
  4. Having control of your life rather than handing it over to someone else in exchange for a wage
  5. Having time to do what you want, and when you want, without having to ask anyone if it's OK
  6. Having no money worries
  7. Enjoying life the way you like!

A successful mini site has the following features:

1. Professional header that grabs the visitors' attention
2. Powerful headline that appeals to the visitors' wants and needs
3. Well-organized sales letter with a benefits and features list
4. Focused and consistent design theme
5. Product image to give the prospective buyers an image of what they are getting
6. Strong "Act Now" phrase
7. Guarantee. You have to make the prospect feel safe about the purchase.

As you can see, mini site is definitely the form of a website you need to have if you are serious about selling online. Whether you are selling a digital product or physical goods, you should follow this successful format verified by millions of marketers for decades.


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