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Friday, August 27, 2010

14 DVD Template Sets Pack 1 for Photoshop Elements

Product Description
If you are feeling frustrated at the time it takes to produce DVD Covers, labels and inserts for your home made products then look no further...
Professionally created and formatted DVD Covers, Disc labels and Inserts.Use the ready made templates with 'Photoshop Elements' to quickly create unique designs to suit your product line or niche.
The templates are configured for uploading to for a real professional look and finish.
The 14 Template Set A collection of 14 ready made DVD Covers, Disc Labels and customizable Inserts.The template sets can easily be adjusted or amended to suit your particular product line or Niche.
A complete range of colorful designs with place holders for your text, product photographs and graphics.
Each template set contains 3 fully editable PSD files for a total of 42 templates!
Take your pick from 14 full sets of ready made designs. We have a full range of styles to suit any hobby, pastime or product subject.
Each design has a full DVD cover, an insert and matching disc graphics, all of which can easily be customized to suit your topic of your DVD or CD!
Also Included Step by Step instructions showing you how to edit the templates and replace the text, graphics and photographs with your own. Using Photoshop Elements you can create your own exclusive designs using our ready made templates as a guide.
Bonus Video - Demonstrates how to ensure you have the right formatting for publishing to Kunaki. Also we show you how to complete the uploading process for Kunaki.
Highly recommend on DVD


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