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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Web Graphics Creator

Product Description
"Create beautiful graphics that look like a Photoshop guru spent hours laboring over. The swiss army knife of design tools! Create buttons logos page headers animated flip books virtual 3D eCovers and more! Import your own images or use any of the 2000 built in elements! Over 2000 built in images to use Free one month subscription to Pre designed templates make it easy to create graphics Create 3D eCovers CD cases DVD jewel boxes and more! Page headers logos and splash pages for the web! Animated Flash (.swf) buttons Animated Flipbooks; import your own images!"Cost effective means of obtaining professional graphics for web pages and client web sites."Easy to use. Includes a FREE one month subscription to (over 6 million images to use)"Market includes the small business owner AND the Graphic Design sector."All in one package for producing professional looking graphics for the web. Format: WIN MENT2000XP/MAC 10.1 OR LATER Genre:Â PRODUCTIVITY UPC:Â 792628000103 Manufacturer No:Â TLC010


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