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Friday, August 27, 2010

DVD Case Templates Design Pack 1 for PhotoShop Elements

Product Description

Here's the secret tool you can use to quickly create professional DVD case covers, disc labels, and box inserts.

Ready-to-use designs that you can easily customize with your DVD or CD title and photos, and have 'Kunaki ready' images in just a few minutes.

About DVD DesignPack 1

This collection includes twelve case cover designs, with matching inserts and disks, for a total of 36 templates in all.

The DVD DesignPack includes templates covering a variety of topics including:

  • Computer Software Training
  • Exercise & Weight Loss
  • Beginners Guide to Hobbies
  • Finance and Investing
  • Boating & Sailing
  • How to Achieve Dream Lifestyle
  • And more . . .

And of course, you can easily modify any of the templates to work with the topic of your own DVD or CD!

The DVD DesignPack 1 also includes video tutorials in which Sonya Myers demonstrates, step by step, how to edit each of the templates.

You'll see how to use PhotoShop Elements to:

  • Customize the templates to create your own case cover, insert and disc label designs
  • Integrate colors from photos and text into your designs
  • Edit text size, font, color and placement
  • Edit graphic elements, including size and color
  • Resize your own photos and insert into the designs
  • Check your designs to match duplicator size specs

Designed so that even PhotoShop Element beginners can follow the videos and quickly see how to edit the DVD templates.

Includes design templates for PhotoShop Elements versions 5 and 6 (video tutorials were recorded using PSE 6).

Highly recommended! On CD.


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